Explain us your project, and i you can dream it, can do it! We are in the best area of Barcelona, Main center,very close to the most famous Gaudi Monuments.

Check out the comments of our clients & guest artists. Also our HCTFriends. Designers, Producers, Artists.

Thanks to our creative Designers @gerardgirbes, @nahuelstyle, etc… take the best knowledge to share your talent. More info about photography and design services.

Learn dubbing art. Aprende Doblaje con nuestros cursos orientados al anime japonés!

This is your Recording Studio, 145m2 for your projects. We believe in the Soul, Emotion, Feeling, The Special and Unique Take, what you record is for all life, we are happy to be part of your dreams and help as much as possible.

Here Comes The Sound

Music Recording Studio


Here Comes The Sound Studio

Welcome to Here Comes The Sound Studio, an Hybrid studio concept ready for your music and postproduction projects. HCTSound is more than a recording studio is a music/museum place, more than 145m2 of space totally ready for improve your inspiration, music, visual, etc… We have the Beatles private collection of our producer Toni Torres, some items were in Barcelona Rock Museum or XX manga event were could see the Expo “Beatles in Japan”, best gear, best backline, what you need in the MAIN center of Barcelona city, we offer Parking and House for international projects, best rates!

  • Exclusive Acoustic Rooms
  • Music Museum
  • Free 300MB/s WIFI
  • Rest music room with Coffee Machine
  • Backline (Ludwig, Gibson, Fender, Peavey, Brunetti, Orange, Yamaha, etc…)
  • Best Analog Gear (Neve, Emi, Urei) Yamaha Console 70s
  • Best Digital HD Gear Pro Tools HD & Plugis
  • All Cables Made in Japan (mogami)
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 happy customers

  • Albert: Gravar a Here Comes The Sound amb un en Toni ha sigut una gran experiència. Com estar a casa, Moltes gràcies!

    Robert: Rock is the Answer!!!

    Gusse: “Tony gave us patience and time” as Harrison said. You really got a hold on us.

  • TORRES!!

    Milers de gràcies i fins molt aviat!  Arrieros somos!!

    Eduard Farelo
    V.I.P client (Actor, TV, Voice of Voldhemor Harry Potter, etc...)
  • Wow man!! i want a pedal that can do that effect in your mix!!

    We love The Beatles museum you have here and the name of the studio. Definitely we have to come back Barcelona

    The Vex (London-UK)
    happy client
  • …HCTSound es el principio de una carrera y una historia de amor…

    Joe Bass
    Vintage luthier & Radio producer
  • Somos ignorantes a lo que está sucediendo…. Esta es la primera de muchas!!

    Xika Mei
    happy client
  • Una nova Experiència dins els 8 anys de Martukada

    Per futures col·laboracions junts. Gràcies!

    Sempre és bo fer coses noes!! (Joanet)

    Gràcies per a paciència!

    Ha sido un placer grabar con vosotros!


    Guest artist
  • Lydia

    Chachi!!  Kull!!


    Pontus G

    Pontus (Sweeden)
    happy customer
  • Ha estat un plaer gravar en un estudi tant xulo!!! la rumbaPOP no s’atura!!

  • El origen de Planeta Vintage ha sido aquí. Gracias Toni, tu formas parte de él.

  • Tant de bo ens tornem a veure més sovint, ja en portem dues i que en siguin moltes més! Una forta abraçada!!!!

    Joan Palà

    Torramen!! Mil gràcies per les teves MaCRO-aportacions!!! sempre a nivell mega pro…..

    David Moreno
Punt De Gir
Cultura Generalitat
Revista Dementia
Joe Bass
Nahuel Style


Rooms & Production

Music Production 90%
Post Production 80%
Dubbing 70%
Sound Scoring 60%
Jingles & Karaoke 50%

Control Room is the place we mix and produce with Pro Tools HD. We have the legendary Yamaha 1516 Console, early 70’s, made in Japan and people know as the “Japanese Neve console”.

We have 2 sets of Speakers, Genelec & Focal, also custom Speakers made by @JReciclo.

Biggest room for record your band, your choir, your project. Also available to create Foleys. Alive acoustics with Stone, and cool acoustic environment, custom lights.

We have the Backline like a:

-early 60’s Ludwig Drums

Orange Rockerverb 100 1st edition 70’s edition. with 4×12 cabinet.

Combo Sinmarc (spanish custom brand) G50r tube amp.

The Vocal Room is near the recording room, is a small space full about 2m with no reverb, the door are a acoustic crystal doors, that will make possible the communication between the band and the singer or choir vocals.

Also we are using for Foley options, voice jingle, etc…

  • Quality in every detail
  • Unique interface elements
  • Ready-made skins
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Fast & friendly support
  • 100% Mobile tested
  • Regular updates
  • From power elite author

We have 2 Freelance Photographers in @hctsound, we can do your Photobook, Cover, Ideas, Band session, etc…

We have a 75m2 Rooms for Creative Coworkers, Image, WEb Designers, Illustrators, etc… work in the best environment, every day can be an opportunity for you due to every day many people visit the studio.

Don’t hesitate to ask at +34 629 552 829

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