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Music Production in the music recording studio is always a great experience, put your headphones, turn on your amp and record! (On air!).

if you have a song, project, podcast, VideoPodcast, movie, radio show, etc… HCTSound is your place. Me have 15 years of experience producing music. We took care about the new technology is that’s why we are working in Pro tools HD, all details are important.

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  • Music Bands;
  • Solo artists;
  • Audio Visual Projects like movies, short, University projects;
  • Folk groups;
  • VideoPodcast, etc…!


If you are a band, one of the most important moments on the production (for HCTSound the most important) is the preproduction. In this chapter of production is critical important because is the time make decisions, choose what, who, where, which instrument have to start. Prepare the production will be the very beginning of your sound.

In the moment that you connect the first cable we are already mixing.

In Here Comes The Sound we are already giving solutions for Podcast and VideoCast, one of the first recording studios in the world that realise that actually people don’t watch the standard Tv, talented people is making his own TV, companies are interested in promote their services in that «amateur» or DIY TV guys, because is a historical moment, Media is changing. Make your program in the most professional way as possible, the sound will give you identity, HD quality, all details in your project will be clear, and will be pumped, everything will get better all the time.

Akihabara Blues Videopodcast Videogames
Akihabara Blues Videopodcast Videogames

We are not Abbey Road, we we have Space to record all your band or project as a live. You can get the live mix in HD quality, 192kbs top quality, also we work in 44,1k, 48k, 96k… whatever you need.

One of the most sad situations for an artist is listening the music recorded in the studio is when your people or just people that you don’t know says: «Wow, i prefer this band live, than in the cd…» let’s make more organic all mixes, and feel you are the band.

Toni Torres Tele5 "Tu si que vales" show
Toni Torres Tele5 «Tu si que vales» show

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