Here comes «The Beatles?»


The Fab 4 from Liverpool

«The Beatles was a great band, nothing more, nothing less…» (PAUL MCCARTNEY)

«The Beatles was a great band, nothing more, nothing less» (Paul McCartney).

Why we are dedicating a space for «the Beatles»???  Beatles was a band from 1962 in Liverpool, they signed songs like «I’m the walrus», «Penny lane», «Lady Madonna», «Please please me», «Let it be»…. also in 1966 they finish to play live shows (only 4 years as a Beatles), and they decide to improve their albums in the Studio (Abbey Road), they were working with the best producers and Sound engineers ever, George Martin, Alan Parson, etc… Also Eddie Kramer have a experience with Beatles with the song «All you need is love». Thanks the 4 guys from Liverpool we got a high level knowledge about sound, acoustic, electronic, etc… they create new techniques that still in 2015 we are looking for do again, to find that sound, to find that presence, that attitude.

In HCTSound Recording studio we like to thank the life of Beatles for all that they gave to us. Is that’s why we love the 60’s feeling and we want to create as they made in the past.

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