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Create your music without thinking in the time, don’t do a countdown with your inspiration.

Explain us your project, and i you can dream it, can do it! We are in the best area of Barcelona, Main center,very close to the most famous Gaudi Monuments.

Check out the comments of our clients & guest artists. Also our HCTFriends. Designers, Producers, Artists.

Thanks to our creative Designers @gerardgirbes, @nahuelstyle, etc… take the best knowledge to share your talent. More info about photography and design services.

Learn dubbing art. Aprende Doblaje con nuestros cursos orientados al anime japonés!

Check HCTSound website or HCTShop from your Ipad/iphone/Android o any other smart gear, we are fully responsive

@HCTSound is updating the system all time. We have a powerful computer and Pro Tools HD System.

What clients say

  • TORRES!!

    Milers de gràcies i fins molt aviat!  Arrieros somos!!

    Eduard Farelo
    V.I.P client (Actor, TV, Voice of Voldhemor Harry Potter, etc...)
  • …HCTSound es el principio de una carrera y una historia de amor…

    Joe Bass
    Vintage luthier & Radio producer
  • Somos ignorantes a lo que está sucediendo…. Esta es la primera de muchas!!

    Xika Mei
    happy client
  • Lydia

    Chachi!!  Kull!!


    Pontus G

    Pontus (Sweeden)
    happy customer
  • Ha estat un plaer gravar en un estudi tant xulo!!! la rumbaPOP no s’atura!!

  • El origen de Planeta Vintage ha sido aquí. Gracias Toni, tu formas parte de él.


    Torramen!! Mil gràcies per les teves MaCRO-aportacions!!! sempre a nivell mega pro…..

    David Moreno

Sweet place, good gear, good coffee, what else??.


We are a Recording Studio StarUp, Business Angels are Welcome,We are a I+D studio!.


We are in the Main Place of Barcelona 20m from Airport, 5/10 Gaudi monuments.


Check our ONLINE SHOP, your projects can be there!!

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We are trying a new Online Shop, you will find HCTSound Merchandising, Music Cd’s/Vinyl’s from our promoted bands, gear for your projects, memorabilia, etc…

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