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New Recording Hybrid Studio, Analog & Digital Gear In the main place of Barcelona

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Who we are?

Here Comes The Sound is a life project, is a place that we hope to help many artists, producers, business media companies, freelancers, Tv, Radios, Movie companies, Cinema University or schools, talented musicians around the world. to create something special, something that in the future they will remember with a smile and good memory.

No matter how you can get, how good or bad you thing you are, Paul McCartney said «At the end, the love you take is equal the love you make», so just enjoy, be happy and never give up.

Our philosophy

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We are always looking for the special take, the most feeling moment, no matter when, how, what you need, our job is find, and make it even better,

Inspiration is a cool concept, but we don’t understand «inspiration» without «hard work», more time=better results.

We love the 60’s and 70’s sounds, is that’s why we believe to record less tracks but more organic instruments, is taht’s why also our main board is the Yamaha M1516 made in Japan, was an API console clone of the 70’s, Led Zeppelin sounds, same system preamps like Neve 1073, is called «The Japanese Neve console».


We are good & loving at

Rock & J-Rock
Pop & J-Pop
Gospel , Blues & Jazz
Folk, Flamenco & Enka
Sound Scoring, VideoGame Music, Sound Creator, Film Composing
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@HCTSOUND is an I+D recording sound studio, let’s find the solution for your production.

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We are working in Music Projects, Radio jingles, Film Scoring, Dubbing, Postproduction, I+D, Mixing online, etc…

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Sorry guys… we have the best team ever for your productions.

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Send us your proposals, ask for budget, and let’s find the best rates for you.

Contact info

Casanova 264 Local1 08021 BARCELONA (SPAIN)

Phone numbers:
(+34) 629 552 829, (+34) 93 315 37 52


We are open:
Monday – Friday 9 AM – 9 PM

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