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Here Comes The Sound, is a study of audiovisual productions, specializing in Rock and Pop, experience in traditional music Japanese or j-rock / J-pop.

The nature of the study is hybrid, where you can find the best of the analog (console, previous, compression, limiting, etc…) or digital in charge of Pro tools HD, 8-core computer, 32 gb Ram.

We are also dedicated to post-production and composing music for soundtracks for short films, ads, long and cradles of radio, etc…


Mezcla y Mastering
Producción Audiovisual


Mezcla Online!!

You have a band or project, musicians are you missing? you need production? mix? send your files and we return you the final mix of the way more professional and expr


esContamos with the best photographers who can help your project to have an interesting image;

Servicio: Letrista

Laurah is an artist of rock/Pop Flamenco which will certainly be a good option for your project, so much advice as composition



Our specialty/Our specialization

Production, mixing and Postproduccio

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HCT Production

Explain us your project, and i you can dream it, can do it! We are in the best area of Barcelona, Main center,very close to the most famous Gaudi Monuments.

Best comments

Check out the comments of our clients & guest artists. Also our HCTFriends. Designers, Producers, Artists.

Pro Design Services

Thanks to our creative Designers @gerardgirbes, @nahuelstyle, etc… take the best knowledge to share your talent. More info about photography and design services.

Dubbing / Curso Doblaje

Learn dubbing art. Aprende Doblaje con nuestros cursos orientados al anime japonés!

Studio Mobile

Check HCTSound website or HCTShop from your Ipad/iphone/Android o any other smart gear, we are fully responsive

Regular Updates

@HCTSound is updating the system all time. We have a powerful computer and Pro Tools HD System.

Our services

Music production

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Planning to record in Barcelona?

We are very close of the best and biggest monuments of Barcelona.


Analog & Digital Prod

We have historical gear from Hollywood and the last digital tech…

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Because the image is really important, plan your project taking care about all elements.

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Here Comes our Partners

After all of this years we where working in many projects in the audio-visual world. And always we had good and bad experiences, so for us is very important to recommend the good people and companies we had the best experiences so they have all our confidence. Glad to introduce you our HCTFriends

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Gerard Girbes Berges
Nahuel Style
Joe Bass
Revista Dementia
Cultura Generalitat
Punt De Gir

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