Recording Room @HCTSound

Neve previo preamp

Estudio de grabación Barcelona

Music Success

Control Room view to Recording Room

Japanese Gear & Feeling

Vocal Foley Recording Room

HCTSound Coworking

Coworking-Work in a young and Creative Environment

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Jotas de Barro

Coworking Area

HCT Control Room

Martukada in HCTSound

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Studio porn Yamaha console

Sirex dedicatoria a Toni Torres

Ludwig Ringo Starr HCTSound

Neumann U67

Here Comes the Neumann U67, you could see using in the studio Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc...

Recording Vocals Jrock


HCTSound Recording Room

Cavern club brick

Lennon collection dish 2

Help gold record

Beatles gold dish


HCTSound - Here Comes the Sound Barcelona

HCTSound – Here Comes the Sound Barcelona



Etsuro Soto’o & Toni Torres HCTSound


Eddie Kramer & Toni Torres

Kaoru Wada & Toni Torres

Vamps & Toni & Yuki

Jonathan Mover & Toni Torres

Eddie Kramer & Toni Torres

Toni Torres with PATA X-Japan

Moreno del Metal

Toni Torres with Larry McConkey & Christopher Wilkinson


oni Torres Shibuya Hairdresser Pic

Toni Torres Music Producer

Eduard Farelo HCTSound

The Brian Epsteins

Toni Torres & Jack Joseph Puig