Hey! are you a Freelace? WebDesigner? Illustrator? App programmer?

Take a look in our Coworking we have your space

Take a look in our Coworking Space, we are in the main center of Barcelona, near the most popular Design companies in Barcelona (and international), also in the studio every day many new artist are visiting, they can be a good opportunity for you and also for us to share the final product, maybe they need a website, consulting, music app, pictures or illustration, etc… Low rates!

We offer all what you need, Table, Faster internet fiber 300MB/s Wifi, W.C, your Meeting room space with sofa and coffee machine, space for your stuff, promotion in our website, etc…!!! Don’t miss this opportunity.

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We have the last fiber internet conection 300mb/s. Make your office Faster.

Charge your laptop. Use our tables, all what you need.

Can you imagine bring your client in HCTSound, invite a coffe, in the main center of Barcelona, talk about your business, make a networking meeting other artist, share knowledge, contacts, etc…

Coffee time

Here Comes Barcelona

Here Comes Your Dreams in Barcelona

We are near Francesc Macià square

Because we are in Diagonal/Francesc Macià, many people is travelling by Brompton bikes, Smart bikes, Small bikes, and other fancy options. Don’t worry for the space you can enter and keep your bike in @hctsound


We have for you:

All together is more funny and its getting better all the time

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Q & A (This is the most common questions Freelancers ask us)

  • When i can come???

Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm, we are always open.

  • Because HCTsound is Recording Studio i will listen loud music???

No!! The coworking area is totally separated, all recording rooms have a special acoustic treatment, heavy doors, bass traps, etc,,, we can’t disturb each other, 100% warrated.