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About Here Comes The Sound Studio Rooms

Here Comes Our Rooms

We have 4 Spaces and 1 corridor to create sounds, music or whatever. All acoustics are totally new, the studio burned in the past and where 3 years closed, we did all construction renewal, Toni Torres have an University Bachelor’s Degree in Acoustics and Treatment, he choose all materials and new concept of the studio.


When you go a Studio, one of the main reasons is about Acoustics, in your house can’t use your amps louder, or in your Rehearsal Studio can’t work properly with the other neighbours rehearsal studio bands playing even louder. Maybe in your room you have problems with the transient or cancellation of frequencies, in HCTSound you can do what you want and you need. Also try different environments, why don’t record a Voice with a natural reverb, in a big room, different mics from thousand €/$ to 100 bugs, in HCTSound there is no rules, just feeling.

About process:
  • We calculate all TR60 of the rooms.

  • White noise checkings for the flattest frequency feeling .

  • Calculate all DB SPL for Studio Licence.

  • We are a “Generalitat de Catalunya recording studio”.

  • All Software and Hardware have Original Licenses and the Studio have the licence of Audiovisual and recording Office .

HCTSound Rooms Acoustic Treatment.

Alive Room & Natural Reverb

Recording Room
Control Room
Vocal / Foley Room
Conference/Coworking room
Corridor (Natural Reverb)