Here Comes The Sound Studio
Ludwig bateria HCTSound

In Here Comes The Sound Studio, we are a The Beatles fans, We have a huge collection of memorabilia of the Liverpool Fab 4 guys. Some of that items where in Liverpool official Beatles Museum, Barcelona Rock museum, and XX Manga event Barcelona and 5th anniversary Alicante Manga event.

For Example the Cavern Brick that we have in the studio saw 292 shows of The Beatles, we believe in energy and the best feeling, and of course in the history of the music.

If you Know The Beatles songs and George Harrison compositions, for sure you will know the song that inspires our studio name “Here comes the sun”, probably one of the best tracks in the Beatles discography.

We want to make our studio one of the reference recording place in Barcelona for music lovers, and music projects. We are crazy about the process to capture the sound, mic, preamps, compression, parallel, dynamics, gates, transx, etc… we are still working to make any mix finally we like.

Director: Toni Torres

Japanese assistant: Yuki Miyagawa

Producer: Toni Torres

Photography: Nahuel Style

Designer: Gerard Girbes

Lyrics Writer: Laurah

External Producer: Joe Bass

Video Corp: Punt De Gir

Albert: Gravar a Here Comes The Sound amb un en Toni ha sigut una gran experiència. Com estar a casa, Moltes gràcies!

Robert: Rock is the Answer!!!

Gusse: “Tony gave us patience and time” as Harrison said. You really got a hold on us.


Milers de gràcies i fins molt aviat!  Arrieros somos!!

Eduard Farelo
V.I.P client (Actor, TV, Voice of Voldhemor Harry Potter, etc...)

Wow man!! i want a pedal that can do that effect in your mix!!

We love The Beatles museum you have here and the name of the studio. Definitely we have to come back Barcelona

The Vex (London-UK)
happy client

…HCTSound es el principio de una carrera y una historia de amor…

Joe Bass
Vintage luthier & Radio producer

Somos ignorantes a lo que está sucediendo…. Esta es la primera de muchas!!

Xika Mei
happy client

Una nova Experiència dins els 8 anys de Martukada

Per futures col·laboracions junts. Gràcies!

Sempre és bo fer coses noes!! (Joanet)

Gràcies per a paciència!

Ha sido un placer grabar con vosotros!


Guest artist


Chachi!!  Kull!!


Pontus G

Pontus (Sweeden)
happy customer

Ha estat un plaer gravar en un estudi tant xulo!!! la rumbaPOP no s’atura!!

El origen de Planeta Vintage ha sido aquí. Gracias Toni, tu formas parte de él.

Tant de bo ens tornem a veure més sovint, ja en portem dues i que en siguin moltes més! Una forta abraçada!!!!

Joan Palà


Torramen!! Mil gràcies per les teves MaCRO-aportacions!!! sempre a nivell mega pro…..

David Moreno
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