Music Producer – Guitarist – Audio Engineer – Music Supervisor – HCTSound Director


“In The Mix the GEAR is not the most important, but if you want it, we have the best for you”

Make your project an experience for all life. I take care for:
  • Looking for the best Emotion/Emotive take.

  • HCTSound is a house of music, not a normal Recording Studio.

  • I believe in Dynamics not in a 0Db final mix War.

Toni Torres Bio:

Toni Torres is the director of the Studio “Here Comes The Sound“, sound engineer and acoustics degree, 2 sound masters in France, Multi instrumentalist (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synth, Piano, etc…), Beatles and music Collector, Japanese music Writer in japanese culture magazine Eikyo, living and working in Japan 3 years as a sound engineer and sound creator for Movies, comercial, live show, recording, etc…

Experience with 2 legends of Hollywood like Larry McConkey (cameraman) and Christopher Wilkinson(Script writer) of movies like Kill Bill, Ghostbusters, World war Z, Ali, etc… in Japan in the Van Cliburn 13th edition (Worldwide contest with Obama).

Experience scoring movies and series from India, Russia, recently Australia or England Check”

Experience as a guitarist/drummer sessionist in Spain, Slovenia, France, Uk and Japan.

Recorded a bunch of Cd”s for Spanish and japanese bands. Working with Pro Tools Hd, analog and vintage gear, ribbon/dynamic/condenser mics, etc…

Experience with Jack Joseph Puig in LaFabrique studios in 2014, producer of Lady gaga, Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, U2, etc… and Eddie Kramer in 2015, producer of Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, Ac-Dc, Kiss, etc…

For more experience and data of Tv appearance, check Toni Torres Linkedin

Follow on Twitter @tonitorresbcn

Read his music articles of japanese music in Eikyô magazine

TT Here Comes The Skills


Analog Mixing
Music SuperVisor
Rock/J-Rock/Pop/Brit Pop/

Users testimonials

  • Albert: Gravar a Here Comes The Sound amb un en Toni ha sigut una gran experiència. Com estar a casa, Moltes gràcies!

    Robert: Rock is the Answer!!!

    Gusse: “Tony gave us patience and time” as Harrison said. You really got a hold on us.

  • TORRES!!

    Milers de gràcies i fins molt aviat!  Arrieros somos!!

    Eduard Farelo
    V.I.P client (Actor, TV, Voice of Voldhemor Harry Potter, etc...)
  • Wow man!! i want a pedal that can do that effect in your mix!!

    We love The Beatles museum you have here and the name of the studio. Definitely we have to come back Barcelona

    The Vex (London-UK)
    happy client
  • …HCTSound es el principio de una carrera y una historia de amor…

    Joe Bass
    Vintage luthier & Radio producer

Here Comes Japan

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