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NEW Japanese Management Service in Spain

We have the new service for 2016 about management for Japanese artists in Spain, we can help to the Japanese Artist or Asian managers that are on tour in Europe or in Spain to manage their shows.

We offer all service in Japanese or English. Service include:

  • Technical rider (with Spanish translation) – The most important for your show is to know what the band needs and the communication is the most important.
  • Hotels & Area recommendations – We can find the best deals in the best areas, and the most important, the SAFEST area for your artist.
  • Backline renting – as a Recording Studio we have all gear that music band or solo artist can need.
  • Schedule builder – let us manage your tour, time for sound check, rehearsals, show and sightseeing.
  • Food care – We can recommend best restaurants, book and take care for allergies.
  • Recording Studio & Rehearsal – Plan a rehearsal before your shows in our Recording Studio or just record with the European Sound


  • [Mizu] (since 2010)  J.Rock Band from Barcelona
  • Vosa (Japan 2013/2014)
  • Hyde & Vamps (Interview for magazine EIkyo in Japan Expo Paris 2014)
  • Nana Kitade  (Salón del Manga y cultura japonesa de Alicante 6th edition & Salón del manga Barcelona 2018 24th edition)
  • Mine Kurosaki «Shamisen Artist) (Salón del Manga Barcelona 2016)
  • KAO=S (Salón del Manga y cultura japonesaAlicante 7th Edition)
  • Takashi Hatsushiba (Barcelona dates on European Tour)
  • Kazuhiro Kobayashi  (Percussion & AFRame artist from Japan)
  • Iroran (Luna Sea, Hide, Tourbillon, Muddy Apes, M.A.S.S, etc…)(Salón del Manga Alicante 2018)
  • Kenichi Yoshida & Yuki Tsuchida (Yoshida brothers, the greatest Shamisen player) (Salón del Manga Alicante 2018)
  • Kenichi Yoshida & Yuki Tsuchida (Auditori Barcelona – Toni Torres as Front of house Sound Engineer)
  • Colorpointe  (Salón del manga de Barcelona 2018)
  • Rica Matsumoto (Salón del manga y cultura japonesa de Alicante 2019)  Big star from JamProject, Pokemon, etc… Rica_Matsumoto
  • MUCC   (Salón del manga y cultura japonesa de Alicante 2020)  Famous band from Japan, J-rock / Visual kei / Metal /Fusion

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