Here Comes the Sound

Estudio de Grabación y producciones audiovisuales ubicado en el centro Barcelona

Why we are different

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Some words about us

HCTSound is created as a «music house» not only a «recording studio», if you have previous experience in recording studios, just enter everything is very cold, serious, smells acoustic panels, the producer are sometimes not too much friendly, people is worried about the time is that’s why the band decide not to do too much breaks, etc…

After all of this years we are introducing concepts we saw in los Angeles & Hollywood producers or in Japan, where the space is very important, every detail, every piece of gear, etc… did you listen Japanese music?? Japanese rock?? you can find really amazing bands from the 60’s or new concepts of music and image like the Visual Kei style, we have a j-rock collection waiting for be visited.

Why we are different

  • Attention to every detail
  • Preproduction Experience
  • Music arrangements
  • Cool acoustic
  • Japanese gear and different environment.
  • Work like in a house but in the main center of the city
  • 100m2 Real stone from 1892 Building with awesome VIBES, we record feeling
  • Coworking sharing knowledge
  • Fast Services & Cool team
  • Music museum in the studio
  • Aromatherapy treatment in the rooms
  • Promotion in Worldwide & Itunes/Spotify services
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