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Estudio de Grabación y producciones audiovisuales ubicado en el centro Barcelona

Q & A

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What i can find in HCTSound??

Here Comes The Sound Studio is a 145m2 recording studio located in the main center of Barcelona, easy to find from the airport (20 minutes by car/Bus). We have all rooms you will need for record your projects, control room where we have the analog console, all gear, etc… recording room really comfortable with a chester sofa, also we have a Vocal/Foley booth for a different acoustic feeling.

I can record my Pop band???

Yes! no problem, we are experienced in Pop/Rock bands, so we can help you.

I have a band but i'm not sure if we are ready for record

The most important part in a recording session is the preproduction, art is always a working process. Check in your rehearsal what are the problems in your band (your family! your team!!) all members are really important, not for play 30 times a songs will sound 30 times better, find the problem and choose a solution. John Lennon said «There is no problems, only solutions!» so we have your solutions.

I'm a singer and i have a melody that i want to record, how i can do??

If you are a solo artist but you need all musicians we are working with the best musicians in Barcelona, some of them high degrees in University, busy with famous artist, etc… just ask and let’s make your dream comes true.

what means HCTSound produce your album/cd/song/track/tape/vinyl/pic/fart...

HCTSound can produce your idea, but wait!! we are not a charity ONG, so that services cost a little bit money, the same when you are going to rent a space, a club, buy in the super, pay for your favourite videogames, books, etc… we are part of the process and all gear cost crazy a lot of money so you are paying the rent of that stuff, and the most important a person that is experienced to use (that have to be 75% the most important thing).

Sometimes people mail us asking when they can come to record, but in terms of «HCTSound is glad to produce» without thinking that this is a service. We are maybe the most important part of your projects, we are helping to find your sound, we are teaching you how tune, how setup your stuff, how bla bla bla, etc…

We are from outside Barcelona what we can do????

In HCTSound we have a place for you to stay, and also parking. So we can offer for you for 60€/day all this service covered. Don’t to go a hotel, rent a flat, etc… we are your AirBnB place 🙂

How important is the Analog console in the studio?

For us is really important but we don’t want to lie you with a Big 100 Channel consoles that later we don’t use or only we use for fancy pictures. We are using a 70’s Console made in Japan Yamaha M1516, clone of Api 16 channels that bands like Led Zeppelin used, in that time they didn’t had computers so they couldn’t use many channels, but nobody argue about the 70’s sound. We are using almost all features of the console, so can enjoy with the preamps, Eq’s, etc…

Why record in the studio?? my friend bought a cool USB/Firewire audio interface for Christmas...

In the Studio you are paying mainly the acoustics, the analog/digital gear (that cost thousands of €/$), also about revised gear that don’t have electronic problems, hushing or humming sound. We have our own grown for the electric light. And of course you are paying a person who had been studying and is qualified for sound engineering and can get best result with that stuff.

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