Here Comes the Sound

Estudio de Grabación y producciones audiovisuales ubicado en el centro Barcelona

1. Experience

Perfection in every detail

In the mix every detail is important, not because you have best mic, best preamp, etc… you will can take the best take.

Not because you have 100 tracks will sound louder or more groove.

Not because you have a 4000€/$ guitar you will can sound as Slash, Eric Clapton, Sugizo, Hendrix, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Steve Vai, etc…

Play Guitar or any instrument can be like a Sport for many musicians, but we don’t believe that you can play 200 notes in 30 seconds, we believe in 5 notes but with feeling and well played.

We have solutions for singers, also contact with many Coaches, etc…

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