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Yoshiki in Japan Expo Paris 2015

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Japan Expo in Paris is the biggest event in Europe by far about Japanese culture, manga, anime and of course J Music, is that’s why they always have the best artist. England Had The Beatles, Rollins Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc… America had Elvis, Jazz, beginning of rock, Gospel, Hendrix… and Japan had X-Japan, is this kind of bands that creates something new, that nobody did before and change the mind of millions of people.

Yoshiki was another V.I.P guest artist in the event, he announce the new shows, and also the biggest and important event for Jrock in the world and Europe, The next show of J-Japan in Wembley, is the first time that a Japanese rock band conquer Wembley stadium, the historical temple of the music (and of course soccer). in 1966 Beatles conquer Japan playing in the Budokan temple, so now is the turn of this Japanese band.

[dt_quote type=»pullquote» layout=»left» font_size=»h5″ animation=»none» size=»2″]X-Japan is the most important Visual kei/Jrock band in the world, they had HIDE, and had rock hyms like «Kurenai», «Silent Jealousy», «X», «Rusty nail», etc…[/dt_quote]

In Japan Expo, Yoshiki was doing press conference and radio show as you can see in the pictures, he was really kind all time. Also he gave the cosplay awards in the biggest stage, he was the only man that had 8 bodyguards, totally Rock Star idol.

For Yoshiki X Japan fans are really important, he took a selfie picture, was talking about the social networking and the importance to be all time connected with his Iphone, he is travelling all time, and working in his studio in Los Angeles (the studio that Metallica recorded «The black album», Michael Jackson also was there, etc…).

[dt_quote type=»pullquote» layout=»right» font_size=»h5″ animation=»none» size=»2″]X-Japan new album is coming soon, they already played a new song in Yokohama show, Wembley will be a great date for all X fans.[/dt_quote]



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