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L’Arc En Ciel tribute

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Vamps & Toni Torres

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L’arc en Ciel tribute

L’arc en ciel es una de las bandas más icónicas del Jrock, así como también de las más populares en Japón. Formados en Osaka el año 1991 por Tetsu y reclutó a Hyde rápidamente gracias a la casualidad de verlo en directo con su anterior banda en rol de vocalista dado que ese día el titular estaba enfermo. Este grupo con multitud de discos, singles, conciertos y giras mundiales, siguen al pie del cañón y es por éso que les dediqué la versión en formato orquesta de la canción «Blurry Eyes», la podéis encontrar en el anime DNA2. Para esta conté con los compañeros del grupo [Mizu], Yoshisuke Suga a la voz y Sei Sei también a la voz.

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「MIZU」is a Spanish Japanese Rock Band since 2010, 3 releases, 2 compilations and many shows in Spain, check the website

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Entrevista con Hyde i K.A.Z (Vamps)

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«wow..! what was that in the period.. I only know about the studio of Beatles…»

– Hyde (Vamps,l’Arc en ciel)


En julio de 2015 tuvimos la gran oportunidad de entrevistar al grupo Vamps en París, en el marco del evento más importante a nivel Europeo llamado Japan Expo en lo que refiere el mundo del manga, anime y como no (y debería ser siempre así) música japonesa.

Es muy habitual en los eventos relacionados con Japón/Anime en nuestro país que la música no tenga una presencia tan importante como el manga o los videojuegos, cuando curiosamente todos estos campos están repletos de canciones que dentro de esas composiciones se encuentran grupos excepcionales de jrock o jpop o grandes productores detrás. Por éso Japan Expo París es el marco ideal para hacer una entrevista así. Escenario de verdad, promoción, grandes estrellas y por supuesto stands donde se promocionan discográficas y puedes encontrar música.

HYDE Vamps Japan expo
Vamps Japan expo

HYDE & K.A.Z (interview in English)

1.What do you think the concept of the sound?
 H:I think we have concept or not… but conscious to make songs that audience can excite in the live, songs that we want and like to play in the live.
 K:there are many kinds of songs such as dark, catchy, easy to listen.. trying to make variation with many kinds of styles.
2.this Feb. you played with European and American people, how was the show played with NickySIXXX?
H:In 1month we had many experiences, especially we are welcome in Japan because its our ”home” but if we do opening act, it means Nicky was the main. we studied how to appear into that audience. At the beginning we tried and error how to make people excited, and then step by step we knew how to do in the last half.

Vamps Sound & Composition process

3.Do you do anything or go anywhere when you make songs? What gives you inspiration?
K:Ideas come often when I drive, so record with mobile and make songs in the house.
H:Show us now! Humming in your iPhone!
K:That’s bad! so.. might be possible to make songs when I change the environment, want stimulate in normal life to make songs, can make different song with any stimulation.
HYDE Vamps crowd
K.A.Z Rockstar

Barcelona & personal questions

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«Show us your ideas now! looking in your iPhone!» (Laughtning)

– Hyde (Vamps L’arc en ciel)


4.I went to the concert of Vamps. very enjoyed with closer seats to the stage both time.How was the concert in Barcelona?
H:Barcelona.. 2 times, right? Cute city, enjoyed not only in the concert. audience with a lot of passion, we feel very welcome, I like a lot.
(I saw your pictures with Sagradafamilia!)
5.If you Vamps were from 60’ or 70’, which studio we want to record the songs in?
H:wow..! what was that in the period.. I only know about the studio of Beatles..
K,H:Abbey Road.
K:I want to try. for example there are good consoles. want to try to record with such as retro sound.
7.Which is your favourite studio mic Hyde?
H:stock number?
(for example Neumann… this magazine tells about technical gear)
H:I see..Which mic do I usually  use???(ask to the manager)
(Probably is using Neumann U87 watching the videos in the working process videos)
8.Spread beaver(?) is also very famous in Spain. What do you remember about being with Hide?
K:He passed away before we had live,I visited him(Hide chan) in the studio in LOS, played guitar together, recorded with amps and all setup in the studio, drinking in the night together , session in the night haha. very stimulated.
9.You both play guitar very well. Which mic is your favourite for guitar setup? in the studio?ribbon etc?
K:Yes we use ribbon. and Josepson(?), normally it used for drums but we use for guitar, and SHURE57 customised one, we put some mics and see the balance, we want low more for this song, etc.
10.Now 2015, before tape and console, analog. people is listening with mp3 now. What do you think about digital work?
K:when making songs digital is useful, but want to use hardware as much as possible in the recording. only using plugin makes sound thin(slim). so use good preamp and mics and then write songs in protools.
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